Posted by: gargupie | November 24, 2013

A Trip to My Homeland

BZelefDCAAAkjux BZORlocCIAA3zLbI may have grew up in New York, but I was born in another city.  A city that is just as vibrant and busy as New York City.  A city filled with trends, both old and new.  It is a place where international companies clamor to build businesses in, people welcome exotic and fresh flavors, and an inch of space is might be more expensive than a mansion in a small island in Europe.  That city is Hong Kong.

I still have many relatives living there, so this was more of a ‘family visit’ than a leisure travel.  But I enjoyed every moment I spent with my cousins and aunts and also remembered my piety to visit the alters of my grandparents.  Despite the brief visit, I managed to revisit some of my childhood favorites, even though my diet of snacks and sweets is no longer followed.  One of my old time favorite is street vendor’s fish balls.  A pool of imitation fishy balls bobbing up and down in a pool of red sauce, just waiting for a skewer to ‘fish’ them out. Spicy please.  Always.  That afternoon indulgence always ruined my dinner appetite, which resulted with interrogation and reprimand from my mom.  Oh, those were the days…



  1. Sounds great! How long haven’t you been there? Does Hong Kong still give you a feeling of home?

    • Hi Kath!
      The last time I visited was two years ago!
      While it was great to see all my relatives (and new relative…my cousin had a little baby boy early this year!), I feel I’ve become accustomed to the lifestyle in NY already. HK is just so congested and space-challenged. While convenience is highly recommendable, I would choose privacy over it.

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