Posted by: gargupie | May 4, 2013

Homemade Fish Wontons – Great for lunch emergency

20130403_163509 (1)My goodness! Has it been a month since I’ve posted? Bad me! :*( I’ve been too lax, so I am here to amend my laziness. Well, it was not just shear idleness.  I started a part time job in the restaurant industry (aka server) after a long period of unemployment.  It is not a glamorous job (I am not one of those models who is waitressing as a side gig in pursuit of a modelling career on the runway or a starving artist supplementing one’s meager income to support an art project).  I am neither photogenic nor artistic, but someone who always wanted an opportunity to become a server.  Maybe it is the maternal side of me who wants to nurture the customers through food service; the ability to move around all day instead of a desk job; or my fetish with cleanliness.  But as someone with no service experience, it took me months to find such job.  Of course, I do not intend to make this into a long term career, but I for one believe that any job is a learning experience and I do not underestimate any job slightly.  In fact, after being a server and getting to know the kitchen responsibilities, I have more respect and gratitude towards all food industry workers, whether it is the chef, line cooks, servers, or the dishwashers.  They work hard and it is labor intensive.  Not an easy gig at all.  I got muscle pain from areas that I had never experienced from my workout after a only a day of work.  Amazing.  I also get to learn a lot of personalities, which is important Social Learning 101.  Not something you could learn from a textbook.  It is life experience.

Although I do not make big money from this job, I feel much more useful than sitting around home.  At least I am contributing to the society and my own spending.  It is nice to work.  Really. I enjoy working.  🙂

Now that I sometimes have to work on the weekends, which is the usual brunch ritual for me and my mom, I like to prepare a little something for her as lunch.  It is sad that I do not get to brunch with her much anymore, but sometimes, you win some, you lose some.  Just got to be flexible.

Fish Wontons

Ingredients: store-bought wonton wrappers, filet of white fish, salt and pepper to taste, white pepper, sesame oil.


Just super easy.  Pop the filet and grind it in a food processor.  Add in salt and pepper to taste, a pinch of white pepper, and a drizzle of sesame oil.  As this turns into a paste, feed a small amount in the middle of the wonton wrapper.  Fold and seal into a triangle (wet the edge with a bit of water) and then connect the tips together. Boil the wontons in boiling water until they float.  Serve with some greens, cooked noodles, or as is. 🙂

PS Best of all, premade wontons freeze well! Prepare some for hunger emergency!


  1. Happy to here you enjoy your restaurant job! To me, too, it’s important that what I do has some service for society, therefore it was clear to me very early that I’d find myself in either the knowledge/education or health sector one day. Atm it looks like the former, as I’m going to make a PhD, and then I’ll see whether I’ll stay in academia or become a therapist. I’m happy I can take a share in your personal way via your blog. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kath. Your support is always much appreciated. 🙂

      • 🙂

  2. OOH! i love wontons!!! these look yummmles.

    there is a little surprise for you over on my blog 🙂

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