Posted by: gargupie | November 16, 2012


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Sorry I have not been posting lately. Ever since the natural catastrophe from Hurrican Sandy, my mind has been glued to the thought of volunteering.  Although I am in no condition (physically) to work on the field, I HAVE been volunteering at a food pantry with Occupy Sandy, a nonprofit group dedicated to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  I have GOT to say, they have done more for the distress people than the government.  Everyday, we send out volunteers into the field to assess the situations, talk to the people, deliver hot and cold foods, which individuals such as me work in the ‘background’ by making meals, prepping sandwiches, organizing clothings and other daily necessities. It is just AMAZING the amount of donations we have been receiving from just any regular people and some even flew in from California to help out! Of course, more is constantly needed and I feel saddened that I could not do more.  Yet, I have to remind myself that every little bit of help counts.  Since I am not currently working, I have been going in daily, committing a few hours a day in the food pantry.  Not only I get to meet like-minded people, but the camaraderie I experience is so much better than solo job search at home. 🙂  Please, check out the website and do consider something some form of donations, monetary or labor-wise.  Let’s not take things for granted.  Be appreciative of the things we have and extend our hands to others in needs.


  1. That is so great of you to do this! I’m glad you had a good experience. I have a friend who volunteered for the Red Cross and had a very different experience. She was sent to a Brooklyn shelter and it was chaotic and no one was in charge. She decided she would never donate her time or money to the Red Cross again.

    • Thank you so much! Just trying to do my part. If your friend is interested, she should contact the Occupy Sandy group. They are really organized (as you’ve probably heard about them in the media) or also New York Cares.

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