Posted by: gargupie | November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

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As most everyone have heard on the news, Hurricane Sandy has left an enormous devastation to the East Coast of the US.  This natural phenomena landed in my city last city, bringing in torrential rain and windy.  What’s left was bodies of floods in many towns, destroyed homes and businesses, and homes and buildings that are still without water and electricity.  It’s times like this when we realize how dependent we are on modern civilization.  With no running subways in NYC (due to flooded underground tunnels), travellers have to rely on ground buses or perhaps even by foot. Restaurants with no running and electricity are forced to be shut, losing incomes that continue to accumulate by the days, if not minutes.  Some resourceful cooks managed to don on a flashlight hat and cook foods on a gas burner, but most are not so fortunate.  Luckily, NYers tend to join together in times of needs and at this critical moments, may are chipping in, whether it be labor or donation.  It is quite heart warming to see strangers opening up their wallets and heart in times of needs.  NYers are not as indifferent as urban legend had claimed us to be. 🙂

The hurricane aftermath will continue whilst the winds and rain have departed.  It will be a slow progress for businesses and families (especially the tragic deaths) to get back on their feet, but we are strong and we will persevere no matter what.  Not that we want to defy Mother Nature, but we are here to show that human kindness and strength do exist.

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