Posted by: gargupie | October 7, 2012

A Vegan Lunch for Moi

Usually, I do not get a lot of vegan options when I dine out, so I really appreciate restaurant kitchen that actually include a vegan list on their menu for people who follow this lifestyle.  Although I always come across these small tubs of vegan tofu in health food stores, I never venture out to purchase one because I regularly consume tofu (which I buy in its most natural form – soymilk or in blocks) regularly, I am hesitant to eat more in sandwich form. But I was out for brunch yesterday and just was not feeling like having a salad.  Plus the fact that the vegan tofu is sandwiched between whole grain toast got me sold.  Who does not love toast that is nice and crunchy? It was a healthy lunch, when other diners around me were consuming steak and eggs, while washing the proteins down with boozy drinks.  Hmm…maybe I should get creative with my tofu blocks and reconfigure them into a different animal…I mean, fillings for my carb. 🙂

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