Posted by: gargupie | September 22, 2012

Lackluster feelings…

So sorry I have been feeling so lackluster lately, just that I have not been in the cooking mood lately, thus the blog fatigue I have been experiencing. I feel bad. I should depend on kitchen projects to help with my anxious, I mean, what is a better stress reliever than kneading dough and mixing butter and sugar? Yet, my times are mostly spent on other more ‘urgent’ matters that nonetheless are fruitless.  A yielding feat.

However, Saturday is always going to be Mother/Daughter Day and I like to devote many minutes to research on good (albeit affordable) eats for mom.  Currently, it is French Restaurant Week in NYC, where a number of French restaurants offer special prix-fixe meals.  As much as a bargain they seem to be, I still cannot afford a spendid lunch expense, but to compensate, I decided to treat my mom to a sweet, nutella crepe filled with walnuts and sliced bananas instead.  While crepe is considered a ‘street food’ in France, in my mind, any ‘French’ is ‘ooo-la-la’ to me. 🙂

Bon appetit~


  1. Sorry I’ve been so absent lately! I’ve been so drowned in exams and stuff! And I’m very sorry you’re having a hard time … You never say anything concrete, but you seem to deal with a lot of frustration and anxiety … I’m sending you good thoughts! 🙂

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