Posted by: gargupie | September 8, 2012

Crazy Life Calls for a Relaxing Brunch

Life has been extremely hectic lately.  Between running amuck from interview to interview to glueing my eyes to the computer for potential job posts that pertains to my work experience, then to disappointed felt when a job opportunity felt through, I felt being tested and challenged emotionally and physically.  I understand that the economy is not so bright right now as I see more and more elders digging up trash in search of redeemable soda cans.  Subway stations, side streets, restaurant trash bags…you name it, you would see more human digging through trash than rats. I would think to myself, are not their children financially supporting these elderly pickers? It is a strenuous job, all that bending and stretching, not to mention it is a dirty task.  When everything seems so uncertain and blurry, my sleep pattern is affected and I feel more and more anxious.  While I should take this downtime to reevaluate life and take a break, I am a person who is always on the move and cannot sit still. Saturday, once again, is my weekly brunch with mom.  Steering clear of crowded restaurants,  we chose a neighborhood-y pizza joint for New York style pizza and an indulgent dessert of tartufo.  It is not the best pizza out there, but the friendly service plus the relaxing ambience was a much needed experience to end this chaotic week. Ready to tackle Monday yet? Still got Sunday to prepare for the battle.


  1. Okay now you said something concrete 😛 (I’m reading backwards through your blog, sorry) …

    I can *so much* relate! My graduation is approaching and I’m looking for PhD options, so … I have a hard time dealing with this insecurity. I’m afraid I won’t find a job and will end up alone and poor and sick and living on public care. These thoughts always with a scene in which I die old and abandoned in a shabby little room and the neighbors find my corpse a week or so later because of the smell in the stairhouse … *sigh* Mind monster troops marching up! 😕

    My fingers are crossed for you!

    • Thanks, Kath! Your words are always so comforting. 🙂

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