Posted by: gargupie | August 30, 2012

A New Chapter In Life

Tomorrow is the end of one chapter and a start to another.  Tomorrow is the last day at a job in a company I have been with for the last eight years. Through and through.  It is a bittersweet feeling because the situation is more complicated than it appears to be; but in the end, it is time to move on.  Although I have no prospective job ahead at this moment (despite aggressive searching and interviewing and all the running around for open calls is taking a toll on my body), this is an opportunity to self-reflect a bit and do things I normally have no time for, such as getting a facial, 😛  I will miss certain people and things about my work experience. I try not to dwell too much on the past and I do not know what the future holds for me right now. I actually had an opportunity to backpack in China, but at this moment, my ‘feeling’ is not for travelling. I have too much tasks to complete.  Going away would only heighten my sense of guilt.  Right now, I will just go with the flow and see how my future unfolds.  In the meantime, my mood could be sum up with this vegetable – bittermelon.

Recipe to follow soon.


  1. Oh, hun, today is my last day of job too.
    So I’ll be moving on along.
    We’ll make it great.

    • You too? Wow. Yes. We’ll soldier on. 🙂

  2. oh man, stay strong yo. and the bittermelon is a good analogy. haha.

    • Thanks, Danny. It’s hard to find work out there. Everyone wants experience…and a head shot! So you’ve got to be smart and good-looking nowadays. Le-sigh…

  3. Best of luck with your next chapter, gargupie. I gather through comments here and there around the web that you’re looking at perhaps doing a baking stage. I hope you find an opening. Cooking is always a comfort. I’m glad to see your recipe here, though it is bittermelon/bittersweet.

    • Thanks, Adam. Appreciate your well wishes. 🙂
      To make a long and depressing story short, I was afforded a kitchen prep job at an organic store, but the owner decided to hire from within last minute…as in, when I got there that day. Bummer…but now, I think I’ll get barista training from a local cafe. I’m excited, but it’s hard work…even when just cleaning and being up my feet for 7 straight hours, which I did today. How’s the new babe in your life? Enjoying fatherhood? 🙂

      • Barista training. Oh, good. Barista-ing seems like it’d be no joke. People are freakin’ finicky and high-maintenance with their coffee. When do you get on the machines?

        Fatherhood is going OK. The baby takes up way more time than I thought. I mean, I thought she’d keep us busy, but whoa. Speaking of which, I gotta go clean the kitchen while she’s napping. Golden opportunity.

      • LOL. Welcome to parenthood. She’s like your little princess. Lucky girl. 🙂
        I didn’t receive any training today (it was too chaotic today), but first I’ve to learn the register THEN I could even touch the holy expresso machine, lol. I was called back for training tomorrow, but I’m pooped and asked for next week…hope that wasn’t poor decision making.

  4. 🙂

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