Posted by: gargupie | August 18, 2012

Roller-coaster Times Right Now

It has been a roller-coaster time for me right now.  Not sure if I should get into the details here, but the anxious and disparate feelings I am currently experiencing  is not the highlight of my life now, but still trying to stay positive and let nature rides itself when all-due efforts are made on my part. Nevertheless, every Saturday is still mother-daughter brunch day for us and when I see my mom happily dig into a plateful of delicious goodness, suddenly, my mood improves simultaneously. We chose to travel to the Spanish Harlem to have some authentic Mexican food.  The decor was decked with Día de los Muertos tchotchkes.  Very festive.  A scream of locality.  Mom tried a guava margarita (very strong), ceviche (her very first time), and a skirt steak brunch plate.  She is a small woman with a big appetite indeed! As for me? A bright salad filled with organic greens, radishes, and slices of in-season avocado (my favorite!)  Service was accommodating.  The sun appeared after a morning of downpour. Mom and I were left to enjoy our food in no rush.  Life is about the little moments, too.


  1. Hang in there!

  2. That’s a lovely little puppet! I’m happy you cherish those precious little moments. Please remind yourself that even when times are rough, such moments still occur. 🙂

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