Posted by: gargupie | August 11, 2012

The Incredible, Edible Egg…Over Whole Wheat Fettucine

Egg is a protein powerhouse.  It is rich in Vitamin D and protein, both play an important role to bone structure, muscle-building, and helps you to stay full longer, thus an excellent weight management resource. While some people are worried about the cholesterol content, unless your level is extremely high and needed medical, otherwise, the benefits from the consumption of one to two eggs per week definitely would outweigh the negative aspects.

For a quick dinner when my mom is running late from her job, I like to cook her a simple onion and tomato egg omelet over a bed of whole wheat pasta (along side a plate of cooked greens).  A fulfilling plate that packs healthy carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, and healthy extra virgin olive oil, not to mention it fills you up without the feeling of over-indulge.  It is a feel-good meal to end a rough day.

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