Posted by: gargupie | August 4, 2012

Steamed Stuffed Bitter Melon

You know, I am always amazed how some bloggers are so dedicated with their post schedule.  Me? If I could fit in just one per week, I would be extremely proud of myself.  Perhaps 1) I haven’t defined a ‘focus’ of my blog (aka very random posts); 2) I am too lazy to update; or 3) I spent TOO MUCH time reading OTHERS’ blogs.  Yea.  It is a combo issue.  However, I have started to carry my point and shoot camera around ‘in case’ anything interesting pops up.  So that is an improvement.

It has been very humid and hot in NYC lately (typical summer weather) and ultimately, you might lose your appetitie.  GASP! Not wanting to eat??? Or I would crave for bitter-tasting foods, such as bitter melon.  Nutritionally, bitter food is very healthy for you because vegetables associated with bitterness have a cooling effect on your body.  So you see, I love summer because I get to eat all the bitter melon I want, although it is an acquired taste.

For tonight’s dinner, instead of slicing the rugged-looking gourd into strips and stir-fry, I decided to make a variation by stuffing them.  I pureed cooked corn (as corn is in its high summer season), a beaten egg (as a binder), a cup of white mushroom, a teaspoon of corn starch and salt and pepper.  I blend these ingredients in a blender (minimum cleanup. Score!) and then stuffed them into hollowed out bitter melon (one inch thick).  While the cylindrical sections are steaming, I made a sauce by thinning out two tablespoons of vegetarian oyster sauce.  Before serving, I poured the sauce over the stuffed bitter melon.  This is a ‘one-dish’ meal because it provides protein, vegetables, and carbs all in one unit.  The best things often comes in small packages, agree?

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