Posted by: gargupie | July 28, 2012

A Stroll Through the Greenmarket Yields Rewarding Bounties

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Before the ominous clouds brought on sudden torrential rain (which I, unfortunately, got soaked on my way home), I took a quick detour before lunch to visit the weekly greenmarket.  Looking forward to the arrival of juicy, summery tomatoes, I was not disappointed.  No more mealy, bland flavor, hello bright, sweet fruity taste.  Heirloom tomatoes do come with a price tag (triple the cost of typical version), but when this more favorable counterpoint only lasts for a few weeks each year, a bit of taste buds (and health) indulgence is totally justified.

Besides the glorious tomatoes, I was also rewarded with a sea of ripe peaches, sweet bi-color corn on a cob, blooming, colorful flowers, and of course, the varieties of freshly baked goods.


  1. Mmm tomatoes!

    • I know. I love it paired with fresh basil…hmm…

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