Posted by: gargupie | July 13, 2012

Streusel Summer Peach Pie

Found a pack of overripe peaches at the supermarket and an involuntary movement of my right arm grab the pack and placed it in my red, shopping basket.  Ever since my last peach adventure , I am really into incorporating fruit into desserts.  Less guilt in eating sweets, right? 🙂

Due to time constraint (since I baked this during the weekday), I had some store-bought pie shell that I used for this peach pie.  To make it more interesting and ‘richer’, a layer of streusel is spread over the pie, so with every bite of natural, fruity sweetness, you also get a bit of buttery goodness.


6 medium ripe peaches

1/2 cup sugar

2 tablespoons of flour

a splash of lemon juice

3/4 cup of flour

6 tablespoons of cubed butter. Slightly thawed

one store-bought pie shell

1) Preheat oven to 400F.

2) Pit and slice peaches.  Macerate the fruits in sugar, lemon, and flour.

3) Layer the peaches into the pie shell.

4) In a separate bowl, mix 3/4 cup of flour with the butter. Add a bit of sugar if desire. Then, spread this mixture over the fruit.

5) Bake for 30 minutes. Then, lower oven temperature to 350F and bake for another 30 minutes.

6) Cool pie before slicing. Enjoy!


  1. Looks beautiful 🙂

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