Posted by: gargupie | June 23, 2012

A Break From City Life

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I was a bad worker on Friday. I snuck out of work (of course, I also adjusted my salary hours. That is one benefit of being a part-timer) to hit the beach. While it was a long subway ride, a stretch through three NYC boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens), I finally arrived at the Rockaway Beach, one of the more popular beaches reachable by public transportation.  Since it was a weekday, it was not very crowded and I was glad to soak my feet in the cool ocean water, watched surfers practiced their arts, and collected seashells as souvenirs.  It was a serene moment being alone with nature, though did concluded with an excruciating long trip back to Manhattan, only to be met by an ominous storm.  Luckily, I arrived back into the office before the rain grew heavy.  By that time, I took off my sandals and warmed myself up with a cup of hot tea in an air-conditioned office space in front of a co.  Yes, back to reality indeed.



  1. Nice pics! Did you wind up finding something good to eat?

    • Thanks for all your suggestions. Got off the 90th street station and came upon the Rippers. Sadly, didn’t get to try the tacos nor arepas. I was pressed for time. 😦 Next time, I want to check out Brighton Beach. It has been awhile and also wanted to explore the Russian neighborhood once again.

  2. I come from close to the sea, and I really miss the ocean and the beach. I’d have to go several 100 km to get to one now. 😦 But if I had the possibility I’d go immediately!

    • Wish we could join together and hit the beach! 🙂 I’m planning to visit another beach tomorrow. Skipping work, 😛

  3. I am utterly, utterly, absolutely and totally in favour of making the most of magical days by getting out in the world to laugh and see the beauty and, well, not be at work. Definitely not be at work. 😉 Love the photo of the waves sparking on the sand!

    • Thanks, Hannah! Let me know if you need NYC recommendations (sights or eats :P) But I’m sure you know exactly what you want already. 🙂

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