Posted by: gargupie | June 12, 2012

Lacinato Kale

Besides Asian broccoli (also known as gailan), my favorite ‘Western’ green is kale.  As like any vegetables, there are a plethora of varieties under the same family.  I was walking around the local greenmarket and came across the usual suspect, the curly leave kale, but right next to it was the sibling, lacinato kale and in layman’s term, dinosaur kale (for its resembling to the rough dinosaur-liked skin texture??) or Tuscan kale.  The texture is softer and more ‘feminine’ than curly kale, it also cooked a lot faster as well.  My favorite way to eat my kale is a simple sautee in olive oil, crushed garlic, and a sprinkle of red chili pepper for some heat and spices.  It is no new discovery, but just want a shout out for the underdog kale. 🙂


  1. I love kale. Unfortunately, it’s only available iin winter over here, and also it’s rather a northern German vegetable (what northern Germans eat with kale, southern Germans eat with sauerkraut), so it’s not easy to get hands on it at all over here, even when it is in season.

    • No wonder I didn’t see any in Berlin…but cabbage is great, too! 🙂

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