Posted by: gargupie | June 4, 2012

A Post About Meat?! Heresy!

When you travel, not only do you learn to embrace the art, social, or financial culture, food plays a big part in shaping a community as well.  While I did not partake in the consumption of this ‘meaty’ dish, I could not help it, but needed to highlight this Berlin delicacy.

Eisbein, a German dish of brine pig’s knuckle, is often served with pease pudding (mashed split peas), sauerkraut, mustard, and boiled potatoes.  It is a hearty dish, large enough to feed a family of four.  When mom and I ordered this dish, the waiter warned us NOT to order dessert.  We were skeptical, but what arrived at the table was a sight that widened our eyes.  It was, indeed, a sturdy pig’s leg.  While the bone took up most of the ‘drumstick’ portion, you would still find your fine share of meat.  Mom commented that she would surely fulfill her meat quota for the week…or month; yet, as if by fate to control her cholesterol level, a fly flew in and landed on the pork, unrelenting to leave.  We, of course, turned the plate back to the kitchen and informed that we did not need a new one.  Mom ate her fair share, so we just asked for additional of the sides instead.

We were not sorry that the eisbein went into the trash because really, eating the entire leg in one seating is just plain unrealistic. 🙂

Glad we got to experience a cultural cuisine in its Mother Land.

So you might ask…what DID I eat? Well, the boiled potatoes (loved them), a simple salad, and a rustic, seeded German bread roll. I love carbs. 🙂


  1. I must admit I have *never* eaten an Eisbein. For some reason, it always disgusted me. However, it’s very traditional. I didn’t know the pea mash was typical, though, I’d always say sauerkraut and potatoes as sides. 😉

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