Posted by: gargupie | May 31, 2012

Discovery of Seasonal Local Produce in Berlin, Germany

Sorry for a hiatus, but I took an impromptu trip to Berlin, Germany with my mommy and just returned yesterday.  It was a short trip, but just our annual ritual to get away from home to see the world a bit.  I knew this trip would not cause any major culture shock since Berlin is a big, international city and one that is, surprisingly (and sadly???) filled with American chains, such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.  I was also surprised to encounter lots of Asian restaurants and that the foods were actually quite authentic, with enough ‘wok hei’ (the wok’s smoky flavor) created in the foods by the chefs.

German gastronomy also embraces local, seasonal produces.  Right now, the white asparagus are sprouting like weeds.  While they are extremely expensive here in NYC, they were quite affordable and economic to purchase in Berlin.  Unlike the ones here, the “German” asparagus stalks are long, thick, and lacks the grassy palate profile of the green versions.  The white asparagus hold up well in pasta dishes or in a creamy stew.  I even took the chance and ‘smuggled’ a few stalks back home for a quick stir-fry.  😛  A big risk I was willing to take for a tasty dish.


  1. Wow! Food smuggler! Haha. Did the Chinese restaurant staff speak fluent German? That would be so weird to see… Hope you’re enjoying the nice weather!

    • Thanks Judy! Yes, they do speak fluent German (as the staff has to survive in a foreign city), but we spoke Cantonese with them. 🙂 I wished I was multi-lingual as well…Yes, loving this fine weather. I’m a summer baby. 🙂

  2. Asparagus season is legendary in Germany (it’s just over too quickly!) – traditionally, the asparagus (the white and thick species) is cooked in slightly salted walter with a pinch of sugar (very important for the flavor), and then served with new potatoes, thin slices of ham, and sauce hollandaise. Your timing to visit Germany was perfect because it’s almost impossible to get *any* asparagus at other times of the year. I actually prefer the green one. I also find it prettier.

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