Posted by: gargupie | May 12, 2012

Mother’s Day…what’s your plan?

Mom and I have one thing (amongst other silly, little pet peeves as well) and that is we despise crowd.  We both do not enjoy the holiday shopping spree (though I do find the holiday spirit, such as fighting over the last on-sale item, amusing), never join in a parade, and never go with the mass on line for concert ticket or other performance venue.  Thus, we were not going to succumb ourselves to the gimmicky Mother’s Day brunch menu tomorrow.  We would rather celebrate in advanced, not only to avoid the crowd, but Saturdays have always been our mother/daughter brunch days.

This morning, my mom participated in a charity walk (National Alliance Mental Illness over the Brooklyn Bridge with her company co-workers.  After her walk, she was hungry and rather to settle down to celebrate.  We arrived at a hotel restaurant, which was empty (not surprising since it is a small hotel and most travellers are probably out and about in the city already).  It is not a fancy dining destination, but at least we got the entire space ourselves! Mom went with a lobster roll with onion rings.  My garden salad was simple mesclun greens with  a generous amount of sliced avocado.  Lastly, to end on a sweet note for mom, we pre-ordered the house special chocolate souffle that also translated to a good 20 minute wait after our entrees were finished.  The souffle was more like molten cake.  There was no rise as I expected a souffle should look like, but the chocolaty lava in the center was hot and decadent, a great pairing with a shot of espresso.
The atmosphere, as expected, is like any generic hotel setting, but since I live in NY, visiting a NY hotel is something novel to me, thus a welcoming chance from time to time.

How will and did you celebrate (or remember) the special woman in your life? Then again, EVERYDAY should be Mother’s Day, right? “)

Oh, and flowers for my beautiful mom. Thanks, Mom!


  1. I’d have loved to spend the day with mom. But we live too far away from each other (and she is also sick with fever currently). But we phoned and talked for two hours. 🙂

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