Posted by: gargupie | April 30, 2012

Bread Pavilion 2012 at the New Amsterdam Market, NY

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One of my favorite pastime in the city is checking out different greenmarkets.  When I see a sea of vibrant vegetables and fruits, artisan local baked goods and breads and colorful flowers and plants, for an instance, I forget that I actually live in a traffic-heavy city.  I also love to support local vendors rather than forking over my hard earned cash to chains.  While I believe there is a place for everything (I do not have anything against McDonald’s because one’s diet is one’s responsibilities), I try to be a patron to small businesses.

New Amsterdam Market is a reinvention of the Public Market, once a prevalent institution in the City of New York. where you would discover many local vendors that offer unique eats attached with low-carbon footprints.  The market opened with a fanfare with Bread Pavilion 2012 that gathered 15 local bakers, each brought in one type of bread made with flour from a variety of grains grown in our region. I loved it because not only you could taste the care and love from the slow fermentation, but the fervent displayed by the bakers’ enthusiasm surely showed from their salesmanship and crafts.
Samples were welcomed and I just couldn’t settle on which vendor to purchase from.  I eventually bought a small whole wheat, rye, buckwheat, and white flour loaf from Janet’s Quality Baked Goods, a small bakery business from Florida.  The baker was present and she was so patient with explaining her goods to me. Of course the breads offered at the market won’t be as cheap as your Wonder Bread, but once you taste the true beauty of a beautifully baked loaf of bread, you just cannot go back to the processed stuff anymore. Besides, a little goes a long way. Your health deserves better. 🙂


  1. Hahaha, this might be heaven for you! 😀

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