Posted by: gargupie | April 21, 2012

A Burger Post Here?

Being a vegan, I do not feel comfortable posting meat-related meals on my blog.  But thinking deeper, I am made up of people surrounding me, especially my family and friends, in particular my mom.  She is the closest person and dearest to my heart.  We live together, have dinner together, and yes, quarrel…occasionally.  She works hard at her job, so on the weekend, I prefer to come up with brunch ideas and activities that she would enjoy.

My mom is a veggie head, like me’ so besides the fish and seafood she cooks about three times a week, meat (except for chicken) rarely gets heated in our wok and pan.  Hence, eating meat is a ‘special occasion’ for her and that’s why I try to come up with places that offer organic and well-executed meat dishes.

Shake Shack is a VERY, VERY popular burger joints in NY and has recently expanded to other major cities around the US as well.  The most selected burger of choice is the Shackburger (American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and ‘Shacksauce’).  It is a basic, stacked burger, but simplicity is bliss sometimes.  Let the main star shine.  Aside is the crinkle-cut french fries. While I did not take part in this meal, watching my mom biting into the juicy burger while we sat like youngsters chilling in the park, my heart smiled a little because she was enjoying herself (though she did complaint it was difficult to eat without a table).  A bite of burger, with melting cheese oozing down her chin and then a take on a fry, it was like high-class fast food +1.  Perhaps at this moment I do not have the disposable income to treat my mom to weekly fancy restaurant, but I think little moments like spending quality time together, enjoying ourselves in such fine Spring weather is enough to make the weekend blissful and relaxing.  So no, this post is not about ‘burger’ per se, but the things and people that complete me.

After our lunch, there was a cultural parade just next block with MORE foods on offer…and for free! Ahh…it is nice to live in a multicultural city.


  1. I love how kind you are towards your mom. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kath. If only she understands…

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