Posted by: gargupie | March 29, 2012

Cultural Event – New York Buddhist Church White Elephant Sale

One of the advantages of living in a multicultural place of New York is the opportunities to attend different exciting, cultural events.  Working in an office setting five days a week can make life mundane and well, boring, so on the weekends, I try to explore fun activities around town to educate and enliven myself a bit.

This past weekend, I visited the New York Buddhist Church’s White Elephant Sale .  This church  has been serving the New York community since 1938 and regularly hosts special events and programs throughout the calendar year.  The White Elephant Sale is a fundraiser held in the basement of the church.  Setup like a flea market, there were random items, mostly oriental properties, for bidding and selling, but I actually had my sight on the homemade Japanese snacks and foods.  I could not leave this place empty-handed, so I purchased some grandma made vegetarian and inari sushi ($4).  Sure, the presentation is a bit spartan and simple, but the genuine bites transported me to a traditional Japanese home decorated in tatami mats.  Love these stimulating excursions.



  1. I wish we had more events from different cultures over here! I’d have loved to join in!

  2. Oh, I’m sure there are lots to do where you are, too! 🙂 Wished I could visit Germany!

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