Posted by: gargupie | March 23, 2012

The Carousel – The Lost…and Found Relic of the Past

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Have you ever ridden on a carousel before? Mostly known as a ‘merry-go-around’, it is a playful, amusement ride that goes in slow circular motion accompanied with background music.  Not the most exciting ride as you set into centrifugal force; nevertheless, the participation often invokes a nostalgic feeling to the ‘gallopers’.

I just found out about The Carousel, the resurrection of a historic relic (you can read about the sweet history on its website) and I was determined to pay a visit now that the weather is warming up in NYC.  With all the endangered places being threatened to be torn down (we’re looking at the lost of the good old days of Coney Island, the gentrification in old neighborhoods, and all the mom and pop stores shuttering due to high real estate costs), it warms my heart that we are at least doing ‘something’ to preserve and value the past.

Situated ‘almost’ under the Brooklyn Bridge, you are surrounded by the breezy waterfront, the open air, the calmness away from the hectic city, and the opportunity to reminisce your long-lost childhood once more.  Do not be shy to pay up $2 for a brief ride through memory lane.  All ages are welcome.  No discrimination.  Adults, children, babies alike straddled over the horsies or sat in the sturdy carriages.  As the carousel slowly launched into locomotion, just close your eyes and let your mind run wild.  Do you see yourself galloping through a pasture? Remembering the times when you first rode a bike? As memories flashed by and the carousel eventually slowed down, you returned back to reality.  But have no fear.  The good old days might be gone, but the carousel shall be there as your sweet reminder.  Just for mere $2.  What a bargain.


  1. Sounds great! 😀 We have carousels on the Christmas market every year, but I haven’t had a ride in years. I should do that again! 🙂

    • Yea. Relive your childhood! 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this, I’m going to go check it out soon! Looks like fun!

    • You’re so welcome. Don’t be afraid to take a ride. 🙂

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