Posted by: gargupie | March 4, 2012

Kitchen Sink Cookies

I made a batch of sugar cookie dough for my Pizza Charity Lunch, since it is a-ok to pre-make and freeze the dough for future usage (aka emergency).  Well, it turned out that siren day arrived earlier than expected.  I wanted to send some home-baked goodies to my cousin from afar and being that it was mid-week and I had no time away from work, I thawed the sugar cookie dough and got creative with it.  Using it as the base, you could practically incorporate any additional add-ins to make the final product interesting and unique.  In my kitchen, I had a bag of pretzels that is about to expire and some wafers that my mom found too sweet.  Using my ninja chopping skill, I crushed all these ‘leftovers’ together and mixed them into the dough.  And the result? Both savory and sweet, a wonderous combination rather than a one note flavor.

Being that they are kitchen sink cookies, the sky is the limit.  Here are other suggestions:

chocolate chips

potato chips

chopped jello beans

dried fruits


gummy bears

nuts & seeds


Just do not use chewing gum 🙂



  1. I would have never even *thought* about using those ingredients with cookies. True ninja skills! 😉

  2. My Ninja chop – hiiii ya! 😛

  3. Those look great, cool idea for cookies! And the no chewing gum is an excellent warning!

    • Haha. Thanks Marty. That is unless you want to both eat AND chew the cookies. 🙂

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