Posted by: gargupie | February 21, 2012

Why hello…hummus

For those of you who knows me well, I am a hummus addict.  But not just any hummus could satisfy me.  Too grainy? No thanks. Too runny? Nope. Overly garlicky? Eeek! Heavy on the tahini? Balance please. I do have my favorite hummus places in the city, but I usually make my own so I could control the seasoning level.  But when I learnt a new Mediterranean causual restaurant opened up in the city and even titled itself with my favorite meze, I knew I got to try it.  Sadly, they do not offer any hummus platter, but rather a combo of different sides, which is still perfect for any vegetarians.  I also want to applaud on their freshly baked whole wheat pita, which is a must for dipping hummus.  The pita I bought the first time was fluffy and soft.  Like a pillow ready to sink into a pool of chickpea spread.

Although I do not work in the media industry, thus no opening preview attendance, hence you could guess how surprised I was when a Facebook compliment got the manager to invite me in for a free lunch. No question asked.  Perhaps it is the cultural and ethnic hospitality of the proprietors’ background or just a business strategy to create word of mouth; in any case, I really appreciate his kindness and took up his offer.

I stopped by this afternoon; sadly, the manager was not around, though as a newly opened restaurant, other management (his brother) was there to oversee the restaurant operation.  Quality control is key for any start-up business and it shows that this place is looking to stick around.  Once I got a confirmation, I began to choose my meal.  Of course, I went with hummus, my litmus for Middle Eastern authenticity.  Additionally, I chose sliced carrots, chickpea salad (yes, more chickpeas!), and beet salad.  Everything was very flavorful.  All housemade, the salads are dressed in healthy olive oil and spiced accordingly.  And now…the hummus…it was smooth, a slight siding on the tahini equation and adhered appropriately onto my torn whole wheat pita.  This complimentary meal is just my own personal opinion. I enjoyed the freshness, varieties and authenticity of the vegetable sides.  They say Mediterranean food is a healthy cuisine and I could not agree more.  No meat is necessary to feel satisfy when you have so many great vegetable ingredients available to you.

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  1. I’m so happy that you’ve found a place where you like to eat! That’s often very difficult, especially when you come with “visions”. 😀

    You sound very much like me with your ideas how your food should be ideally. I still like my home-cooked meals the best because then I can make them *exactly* how I want to. 😉

    I’m also in love with carrots cut in that shape.

  2. Thanks Kath. My devotion to hummus is sublime, lol. I can eat it everyday (I actually think i do!) and not get tired of it!

  3. I passed this place the other day and *almost* stopped to get dinner. I will definitely stop in next time. My best friend is like you – she eats hummus every day. She was going through so much of it (a container a day!) that she started making it herself to cut costs.

    As for your question about City Bakery, I didn’t have their special hot chocolate on Saturday because I don’t love cinnamon-laced drinks (it sometimes reminds me of potpourri). I had their specialty hot chocolate two Sundays ago, though! It was sunken treasure, with caramel candies in the bottom.

    • Thanks for your comment! Let me know when you stop by next time. I would love to hear your thought. 🙂
      I have never stopped by City Bakery, but heard the pretzel crossaint is the item to get there. 🙂

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