Posted by: gargupie | February 18, 2012

Matcha Crepe for my Mommy

matcha crepe - cut view

Today is my mommy’s birthday! I will not share her year number here or she might get angry with me, haha, though I find age to be a number game really.

Yesterday, I treated mom to a birthday lunch at a Modern American restaurant.  Although I did not enjoy my salad much ($11 for a small pile of mixed green dressed in a sour lemon vinaigrette), at least mom savored her moule frites and ended her meal with a ‘birthday cake’ (as titled on the menu – chocolate mousse layered with chocolate cake and coconut flakes).  It was a heavy-duty slice of cake and had to take home the end piece.  But, she finished it this afternoon. We did the whole candle blowing and song singing at the restaurant, but today IS the official day, so it is my daughter duty to get a slice of cake…again.

My mom does not have a sweet tooth, so the typical American dessert (cheesecake, brownie a la mode, apple pie…) is not her cup of tea.  Hence, I paid my inauguratory visit to a Japanese bakery (Takahachi Bakery) for a matcha-related dessert.  I actually had my heart set on the matcha crepe because this delightful creation is not available anywhere else.  Like a green towel, the floury crepe is rolled up like a towel, enveloping a thin layer of whipped cream blended with red beans.  The flavor is light, delicate, ethereal, rather than the heavy-duty feeling you get from a dense, diner cake.

Although I did not get a chance to bake her a cake, I am glad to find the ‘excuse’ to pay this bakery a visit.  I even got myself a matcha baguette, which is surprisingly vegan! Score for both my mom and I! 🙂

Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Wow, that one looks really cool! I still have to get used to the look of matcha-infused baking goods. 😉

    Happy birthday to your mom! 🙂

  2. Thanks Kath! Too bad I couldn’t take a bite, hehe.

  3. That is a very thoughtful and creative gift! I love Takahachi but wince at their prices sometimes!

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Yea, the prices were quite expensive, but that’s a given at Japanese bakery. This was a special treat, for definite. What did you try last time?

    • There are so many good-looking treats there. I agree 🙂
      I got a matcha baguette. Can’t wait to dig into it!

  4. Hi, Just nominated your blog for a Versatile Blogger award. Check it out: Always enjoy reading your posts. Mahalo, The Mouse.

    • Thanks Sheena 🙂

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