Posted by: gargupie | January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year Lion Dance Festival

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Lion dance is a traditional in Chinese culture during the Lunar New Year.  The lion, dressed usually by two dancers, imitates the martial movement of this powerful and fearless animal from the wild kingdom, to symbolize a year of good fortune and prosperity.

Along with the rhythmic beating of the drums, cymbals, and gongs that synchronise to the lion dance movements and actions, the lion dance troupes stop by different stores and restaurants and the store owners would proffer red envelopes to the lions as recipients of good fortune to the businesses.  Confetti of colorful ribbons showered on the streets, viewers all gathered around the soak in the festivity and rowdiness.  Everyone was eager to celebrate this opportune moment as we look forward to a new year and a brighter beginning.


  1. Aww, I wish I could have seen it! Chinese traditions are always fascinating for me. 🙂

    • Well, the next time you’re in NYC, I’ll show you around. Do you have a Chinatown in your area?

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