Posted by: gargupie | January 8, 2012

French Toast with Fresh Blackberries

Mom and I go on our weekly Saturday brunch.  I am never fond of the typical ‘brunch menu’ as it always contains egg dishes that do not fit into my current diet.  However, I am a victim of the typical brunch scene – weekend relaxation with friends/family with a cup of tea in hand. Being served instead of serving others. Also, dining out is more about the service and being pampered than the foods to me. Sometimes.

Mom spotted the French toast at the restaurant we brunched at yesterday; unfortunately, she had already placed her eggs Benedict order. No point of return. This morning, I made her dream come true with my ‘healthy’ version of French toast. Yes, the nutella and the copious amount of butter are missing, but the French toast is still enlivened with fresh produces from the blackberries, crunchiness from the granola with a light toast of powdered sugar sprinkled on top. No snow yet in NYC (fingers-crossed…I am not a winter person), so this is just an homage to our winter season.


  1. How lovely of you to make this for your mom! There should be a place where they offer tofu scramble and things like that for you! 🙂

  2. Not all restaurants cater to vegetarians, but I wouldn’t mind so much they offer salad entrees or veggie side dishes as well. It’s all good. I enjoy my brunch time. 🙂

  3. Haha…you are so funny. You fell “victim” to a brunch meal?!! =P But you are so sweet to make your mom a healthy version of french toast with blackberries. I bet she was so happy to eat that.

    • Thanks, Sharon. 🙂

      I seldom make french toast for her because she doesn’t always like the lingering sweet room permeating the house. I don’t know what she’s talking about, lol.

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