Posted by: gargupie | December 29, 2011

Bad Santa

Christmas is passe. New Year’s Day is a-coming. But I still want to fit in one more holiday photo. On Christmas Day, I took the subway and travelled to a part of Brooklyn known for its festive holiday decoration.  Apparently, this house owner has a great sense of humor when I spotted this Santa balloon up on the wall. Sadly, the message is also a reflection of present day’s economy. But let’s not brood on such negative thoughts now.

I have actually been either really lazy or just too tired to experiment in the kitchen recently.  So my New Year resolution? get moving and get the oven a crankin’.

Happy New Year everyone~


  1. Haha…thanks for sharing this photo! I like it! =)

  2. Thanks, Sharon! Happy New Year!

  3. How funny and sad at the same time! (Poor Rudolph …) 😯 Happy New Year to you, Kim!

    • Thanks Kath! You too! May your new year be filled with good health and happiness. 🙂

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