Posted by: gargupie | December 10, 2011

Chinese Bakeries

People travel for various reasons – relaxation, business, culinary experience, or family visits.  For me, my job does not require me to embark on international trips (which I could though), I am not a foodie who visits wine vineyard orfly to Italy and learn about fresh pasta, so the main reasons I travel are relaxation and family visits.

This past vacation, I was able to combine both.  When I was not busy meeting with relatives, I lost myself in street markets and random streets to learn about the local culture and customs.  Although Hong Kong is familiar to me, the everyday details never failed to mesmerize me.  I love ‘old’ stuff.  I once was a ‘hoarder’, be it old T-shirt, stained newspaper clips, or a broken toy, I still kept them in a safe place at home.  But with limited living quarter, I was ‘forced’ to  give up some items.  Ouch.  In Hong Kong, while there are numerous Westernized bakeries on almost every other block, I still have a yearning for old-fashioned bakeries.  When I came across such ones, my heart melted with sweetness and yearning. The intoxicating sugary smell, the simple, yet tasteful pastries; therefore, yes, you can have your macarons, tiramisu, and fancy chocolate tart, just give me a Chinese pastry and I would feel like home again.



  1. I had no idea there’re so many Chinese baking goods! For some reason, I always thought baked goods weren’t a large part of Chinese cuisine.

    • Yea. They’re monipresent! People always go inside and grab a bun on the go every morning before work/school.

  2. I suppose you found this bakery in NYC Chinatown? If you ever come to San Francisco, there are lots of Chinese bakery stores all around. In Chinatown, the most famous bakery store there is called Golden Gate (金門) which have really good Chinese egg tarts. You’ll need to stop by, line up, and get half a dozen to enjoy! I’m also glad you wrote this post because I have that same yearnings for good ol’ Chinese bakery goods, like a good tasty wife cake!

    • No, this is actually in Hong Kong, when I visited two months ago. Ooo…I just bought a wife cake for my mom in Chinatown, NY this afternoon. Great minds think alike. 🙂

      Do you like husband cake as well??

  3. I miss the egg tarts from Hong Kong. Go to Tai Pan Bakery in Chinatown if you want good baked goods 🙂

    • THanks Terrence. I actually prefer Maxim’s egg tarts more. 🙂

      Happy Lunar New Year

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