Posted by: gargupie | December 2, 2011

Exploring Jackson Heights, NY

Sometimes I just like to randomly select a neighborhood and walk around to explore the surrounding areas.  Granted due to my busy schedule (need to fulfill my hours at work to suppose my financial responsibilities), I do not get to do as much as I did when I was still a student, on the weekend, I still like to do a bit of ‘snooping’ around.  For example, this past weekend, I made a quick stop at a local farmer’s market, which is just a few subway stop away from my home station.  Yes, it has always been on my Sunday train route, but I never made a stop for it. So on Sunday,  I decided to get off earlier than usual and see if I could support the vendors.  Sadly, by 3pm, everything had closed.  The stalls were being broken down, with only a few crates of apples available for purchase.  Since I already bought some apples, I was really disappointed that no vegetables were all sold out.  Bummer. However, you should know that Jackson Heights in and of itself is amalgated with lots of different cuisines and cultures.  The main ethnic group there used to be Indian, but nowadays, could find Spanish, Titetan, Chinese, Korean, and other ethnicities around this few stretch of blocks.  It is just amazing, going from a sari store to a Tibetan momo restaurant.  I love New York because of its melting pot feature.

I love to shop at Indian grocery markets too. Not only you will be explosed to so many different, interesting spices, but everything is so fresh and cheap. So much more valuable and fun to stop than your typical chain supermarket. Don’t you think?



  1. That farmer’s market is sooooo crowded in the morning! I think the trick might be to come during peak lunchtime (12-2) when most customers have presumably bought what they needed to make lunch and have left. I am a morning shopper though and I willingly fight the crowds.

    Yeah, Jackson Heights is ever evolving! The Tibetans have been making strong inroads into the community in the past 3 years. That is the new trend I’ve been noticing.

    • I usually go to the Union Square greenmarket, which is one of the best things NYC has to offer. Do you live in JH? I’ve yet to try out Tibetan foods, since Himalayan Hut (pre-renovation). Any good recommendation? 🙂

      • Yep, however, I don’t really like Tibetan food. I’ve tried Shangri-La Express, Himalayan Yak, and Thakali Kitchen. Haven’t been convinced I need to go back…Jackson Heights shines when it comes to North Indian and Hispanic foods.

    • Aww…that’s too bad. ?Have you tried Phayul? Fork in the Road reviewed this place awhile ago. I’m not bad on Tibetan foods as well (since I don’t eat meat). Sadly, JK’s Indian foods (mainly Jackson Diner) haven’t been as good as before. At least for the buffet.

      • I haven’t tried Phayul. I think at this point, I’ve tried enough of the cuisine to know I’m not a fan. I truly believe that Jackson Diner has not been that great since it moved to its current location. I would wager that many more non-locals than locals go there because they are riding on their reputation from bygone years. I like Delhi Heights and Tawa Tandoor. Hubby likes Indian Taj. We have one South Indian place that I really recommend that does dosas and much more – Dosa Delight. See my Yelp review on what to order.

    • I tried Delhi Heights a few years ago. The service was great at that time. Thanks for all the recommendations! The first time I ate dosa was from Hampton Chutney, but didn’t enjoy the fusion version.

  2. Which Tibetan restaurant do you like over there? I heart J-Heights!

    • Hey Yoshie!
      Definitely check out Phayul and Tawa Food’s got both Tibetan and Indian (dosa) vegetarian foods, too! Cooked by old ladies, so you know it’s all homemade. 🙂 Let me know when you tried them!

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