Posted by: gargupie | September 4, 2011

Red Raspberry Jam

Now that I am visiting farmer’s market a lot (to get my last dose of summer, I want to celebrate the bounties in my kitchen. 

Granted I am not a very ‘berry’ person (no pun intended), I still appreciate its nutritious value as they are vitamin powerhouses packed in a small package.  Out of all the berries, my favorite is blueberries, but I would purchase others if they are on sale.  I saw these beautiful red raspberries, bright in a vibrant red color that I could not resist and bought a box.  Since I still have a day old bread, I decided to create a homemade raspberry jam to go with mom’s french toast.  You can also make a bunch of jam and can it for future (helloooo winter) usage, but I only made a little this time to taste out initial try. It came out well! 🙂

1 cup of red raspberries (or any berries you prefer)

1/3 cup of white sugar (I don’t like my jam cloyingly sweet)

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

a splash of orange juice.


1. Start a pot with a little water, put the berries in and macerate them with the sugar over medium heat.

2. Cook the mixture until it starts to bubble.  Reduce the heat and add in the other ingredients.

3. Us a smasher and crush the berries. Simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes, but watch the pot.

3. Cool off the jam and enjoy over a slice of toast or use it in other desserts!


  1. Mmmmmmmmm, this remembers me of m childhood! My grandmom used to make sauce and jam from raspberries!

  2. I’ve never attempted to make jam before. It’s easier than I thought it would be. So much more natural than store bought jam. 🙂

  3. Oooh This looks delicious! My husband had raspberry ice cream float with raspberry soda today– Very berry day indeed.

    • Thanks, Yoshi!
      Ooo…where did he get the float? Will you write a post about it? 🙂

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