Posted by: gargupie | September 2, 2011

Greenmarkets – Please Support the Farmers or Make a Donation

One of my favorite summer outdoor activity is a stroll through the farmer’s market. Heck. If I cannot own a farm, that is the closest alternative I could experience. My default is the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC.  Situation in the Union Square Park, this market is opened Monday, Wednesday, and Friday year round. Now THAT’S an evergreen market.  Everything sold (besides bread) is seasonable, so expect to see lots of peaches, eggplants, and tomatoes (such as now) in the August and then lots of apples (my favorite fruit) starting September.  To escape from my cubicle, I like to take a short subway trip down to do my produce and bread shopping.  Lately, I have been obssessed with heirloom tomatoes.  They come in a premium (more expensive than conventional type), but the flavor is oh so sweet, refreshing, and totally compensate for my clothing sacrifices (I am the ones who would rather eat a nice, healthy meal than to buy an expensive particle of clothing, but that is just me). 

Besides produce, bread is my other vice.  I love my brown rice, but for lunch, I like a hearty, crusty piece of bread dipped in hummus or sandwiched with creamy avocado.  Hmm…After supporting the local bakers, I could never go back to the pale, sliced white bread (Wonder Bread anyone).  There are, of course, other stalls that sells greens, organic wine, meats, eggs, and even seafood, but with limited budget, I have to pick and choose my priorities.  So fruits and bread are my point of purchase in this market.

Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Irene’s destruction, while New York City left only slightly scorched, Vermont, upstate New York, and parts of New Jersey have been devastated by flood and other natural destructions.  Harvests are destroyed and farmlands are inundated with water.  It is heartbreaking to look at the photos.  So, GreenNYC, the market’s non-profit organization has setup a donation fund to help at least alleviate some of the monetary struggles the farmers are currently experiencing.  The crops are the water and bread for these farmers and their lively hood depends on the products, which are now destroyed.  And if you really cannot make a donation, please purchase your next goods from a market farmers than an import.  It would be like a tribune to our local growers.

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  1. I’m like you – with apples beingmy favorite fruit, and I’d rather buy healthy, whole foods than fancy clothes. I make and stick to that decision every month.

  2. Great minds think alike.

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