Posted by: gargupie | August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene…please stay right.

Wow, it seems like the apocalypse has arrived! With the imminent arrival of Hurricane Irene to the East Coast, especially for New York, the city has issued an evacuation for some vulnerable areas and the metro system will even shutdown the subways and buses! So of course, this panic has triggered a state of frenzy amongst the city dwellers. I saw lines and lines of people stocking up groceries and foods in the supermarkets, flashlights were out of stock, and yes, people are even buying cases of wine.  I do hope the condition is not as bad as predicted, so Ms. Irene, please steer right and away from us! I rarely get to go out during the weekdays and weekends are my only freetime. You have robbed many people’s opportunity to enjoy the last of the summer days.

As a last night, everyone who lives on the East coast, but be careful and stay safe. We will overcome this!!!


  1. I just wanted to leave a comment on your blog to tell you that I’m thinking of you and wishing for you because of the hurricane, and then I saw you had already made a post on it. I hope you’ll be alright, and your mom, other family, and friends will be as well!

  2. Thanks Kath. You’re so thoughtful. 🙂

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