Posted by: gargupie | July 10, 2011

Open Face Fruit and Cheese Sandwich

Desperate time asks for desperate measure.  Sometimes, I have to thank my lucky star for our advanced technologies.  Although I try to stand away from radioactive devices (such as use of cell phone or cooking with the microwave), there are some modern technologies that I very much depend a lot on, either negatively or positively, like the Internet (to do work, but also to surf the Internet) or watching TV (update on the latest news, but also some mindless TV indulgence).  However, for the toaster oven, I have to say it must be categorized into the ‘helpful technology” section.  I often do my baking in my toaster oven instead of heating up my stove top oven.  Firstly, for easy clean up and secondly because I store my pots and pans in my oven (do you??)  The toaster is a fast way to heat up any form of sandwiches and make the bread nice and charred, just the way I like it. 

I need to finish my much procrastinated schoolwork this morning, so instead of my French toast for mom, I made a quick and simple open face sandwich using a slice of cheese, but also made it more exciting with sliced strawberries and blueberries.  Now that I look at the sandwich, it sure has a patriotic theme (albeit a belated one, since July 4th was last weekend) to it with its red, white, and blue coloration. 🙂


  1. I love my little toaster oven! It’s perfct for baking and heating up food, and I don’t trust microwaves. (Have you seen what microwaved water does to plants?

    The stove-top oven is the best place to store pots and pans! 😀

    • Oh my gosh! Is this what I’m putting inside my body? Interesting link Kath~
      Sadly, my office has no toaster oven, so if I need to heat up anything, it’s the microwave. But now, I learned to enjoy room temperate bread, whereas before, I would give it 10 seconds to pretend it’s toasted.

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