Posted by: gargupie | July 2, 2011

Savory Cheesy Egg and Tomato Breakfast Sandwich

Well, it’s finally the long weekend (at least here in the US, it’s the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day)~ Lots of people were already in a vacation mode on Friday.  People getting an early start to visit family, travel, or just staycation (as I am doing) before the sun set.  There are lots of home improvement on my home front, which is quite frustration because it disrupted my mom and my weekend brunch schedule.  Guess we will have to wait till Sunday then.

In the meantime, my mom does not have much of a sweet tooth and as you can do, most of my breakfast choices I had made are usually on the sweeter side (French toast, cereal), so this morning, I decided to create a savory dish for her.  Nothing elaborate, but definitely healthier than your fast food egg sandwich. And it could be your lunch or dinner, or even snack, too!

Cook the ‘cheesy egg’ by beating an egg and mix in a palm-ful of shredded cheese of your choice.

Fry the batter over a small pad of butter or a drizzle of olive oil. Do not over the egg. Flip one after cooking about 2 minutes on one side over medium heat.

Whole wheat bread was my vehicle to hold the egg.  Serve with whatever accoutrements of your desire. I like to keep it simple with a slice tomato. Maybe a leaf of organic romaine.

Happy weekend!



  1. I’ve been to the US (in Washington DC) on a 4th of July 15 years ago, and I remember we sat on the mall with everybody picknicking around us and fireworks above us. 😀

    The sandwich looks yummy!

  2. I’ve never spent that day in DC! That must’ve been a special moment! 🙂

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