Posted by: gargupie | January 15, 2011

Red Quinoa

I have been refraining from cooking quinoa because I once tried to cook with it and it turned into a disaster.  Little grains splattered all over my oven and I almost broke down not because of the mess, but organic quinoa is more expensive than other grain. While most people treat or view quinoa as a grain, but it is actually a healthy seed that is a source of complete proteins for vegetarians. 

Lately, I have been tired of eating beans (for my source of protein), I decided to give quinoa another try.  I read about red quinoa in a health magazine and wanted to try it instead of the conventional white kind.  This time, I used a pressure cooker, so I just bring the ‘seeds’ to a broil and then pop the pot into the pressure container and forget about it.  I used a 2:1 water to seeds ratio and what came out was nutty, hearty, and filling!

Lesson learned. Always persevere in the kitchen. 🙂


  1. Whee-hee, this looks so good and interesting! I’ve just started pressure-cooking of whole grains (brown rice so far) because I’ve found that this is a way that I can eat them without stomch pain. Great you also make them this way successfully! It’s soooo comfortable, exactly like you said: set it up, forget about it, and later receive a lovely, filling yumminess! 😀

    Quinoa is on my list next! I’ve once had the normal (white?) quinoa, and I found it so-lala (mediocre), but I think with pressure-cooking an perhaps a little more color it might turn out really nice!

    Are you a vegetarian? (Just because you mentioned the beans for protein, and I’ve seen some tofu around here. :))

    • hey Kath! Thanks for your message!

      I’m actually a vegan now, since I’ve also given up on my once beloved Greek yogurt as well.

      Definitely give quinoa a try. Especially with the dependant pressure cooker. 🙂

      • Oh, I admire everybody who’s able to live without animal products! I’m not ;( but I totall agree with the ethical ideas behind doing so. I’d do as well if I could.

      • But my mom said as long as we do no hurt and have a good heart, it’s ok to be an omnivore, so don’t be so hard on yourself. 🙂 Everyone is different. Just have fit in some vegetarian meals during the week. 🙂

  2. i love quinoa. you can do the 2-to-1 ratio on the stovetop as well, with a pinch of salt. super easy & delicious.

    • Thanks for the tip Howard!

    • Thanks for sharing Howard. I would do the stovetop, but with the pressure cooker, I don’t have to watch the fire. hehe.

  3. Definitely a great kitchen lesson! I’m glad you kept at it because your quinoa looks wonderful!

    • Thanks for your compliment, Faith. 🙂

  4. I LOVE quinoa! It is so delicious! I am sure you have seen that I have posted several amazing recipes with quinoa. It is definitely something I cannot get enough of… and it is SO good for you.

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