Posted by: gargupie | December 16, 2010

Semi-Homemade Can Be a Good Thing (Part 1)


As the semester winds down, there is basically no time to create elaborate meal.  Mom is working overtime, I am fretting about meeting my deadlines (or past my first deadline already), yet I do not want to resort to take out (health and cost issues).  So I made a compromise.  Let’s cook some semi-homemade meals! I know some people are very against using store-bought ingredients (canned goods, pasta sauce in jars…), but I do not think it would be a ‘crime’ if you are pressed for time and the ‘bought’ materials are freshly made, such as rotisserie chicken from a supermarket or pizza dough from a pizzeria. 

Mom had overtime the other night and I did not have enough time to cook dinner at night.  But I did have a moment to swing by Trader’s Joe and actually caught sight of their homemade soup – lobster bisque.  I treated it like a pasta sauce and served it with pasta…so it was like a lobster pasta dish! Sided with a plate of cooked greens (mom does not like salads), that was a complete dinner.


  1. I think it is perfectly alright to make semi-homemade meals! Using the lobster soup as pasta sauce is a very creative idea! Yay for crossing the borders! 😀

    (At first I thought you had used poopyseed or black cumin seed for spicing, but when I took a closer look it rather seemed to be some kind of dried herbs … What was it?)

    Do you live with your mom? Because you seem to cook quite a lot for the two of you. That’s so nice!

  2. Thanks Kath!

    Those are dried parsley. For color and flavor. 🙂

    Yes, I live with my mommy. I try to lessen her workload by helping out with house chores. 🙂

    • Although you have such a workload yourself …

      I love my Mom, and I could also live with her! But she lives 600 km away from me. 😦 We phone often, though.

      • It’s wonderful you still have such a close relationship with your mommy. 🙂

  3. Yum parsley! 😀

  4. I am not at all opposed to buying pasta in jars or certain things in cans. But I have never been a “make everything from scratch” kind of person, either…

    • Thanks for validating my choice of cooking. 🙂

  5. I think your lobster pasta looks fantastic! What a great idea to toss the bisque with pasta!

    • Thanks. A short cut for busy people. 🙂

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