Posted by: gargupie | November 13, 2010

Brunch With Mom

Lately, life has been a box of…well, I wish to say chocolate, but more like a a jigsaw puzzle.  After a long day at work/school, the last thing I want to commit to is to toil over more schoolwork. I just wanted to veg out in front of the computer, reading blogs about food and restaurants, 😛  Perhaps it is a poor excuse to relax (true relaxation should be to tune off all electronics), but my addiction has run too deep. Any remedies anyone?? 😛

My mom and I make it a ritual to dine out once during the weekend. Usually for brunch.  I like to try new non-Asian eateries, whereas she prefers (at least from my senses) Chinese cuisines. I like brunchie places for their atmosphere and the carefree surrounding.  On a typical Saturday afternoon, I am usually around chatty friends, family gatherings, or young couples.  The common denomination? They all look relaxed and stress-free.  That is a rare scene to capture during the weekdays. 

On this particular Saturday, I made a reservation at Maialino, a new Roman-style established by Daniel Meyer, a well-known restaurateur.  It is difficult to score a dinner reservation here, so brunch is always a safer bet, though the menu is different.

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My mom order the much acclaimed egg ravioli, where the yolk oozed out as you poked the purse with the fork.  Quick! Use the complimentary bread to mop up the protein goodness.  Then of course, what’s Italian without cappuccino, decorated with a beautiful milky leaf and to top it all off, freshly made donuts filled with fresh cream.  I also had a fresh arugula and herbs salad.  My mom savored her meal and I appreciated the freshness of the greens. It was a pricey meal, but really, we often forget to treat ourselves well. So whether it is buying a good book or eating nice meal, you deserve to be treated nicely.


  1. That’s a lovely habit to eat out with your Mom once a week!! I’d love to have something similar, but I live too far away from my parents, so just phone a lot.

  2. What a nice review. That egg ravioli sounds amazing. I would love to try it! And try not to stress out too much, you’ll have a break coming up soon, no? Just count down the days until then!

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