Posted by: gargupie | November 6, 2010

A Balanced Dinner Meal – Protein, Vegetables, and Carbohydrates

My mom has been having OT this past week, so I was the head chef in our humble kitchen.  The feeling of having worked 12 hours straight, facing the computer all day long not only is unhealthy (sadly, a 21st century work habit for most), but is exhausting as well.  Besides ‘trying’ to get enough rest, getting the proper nourishment is key to stay healthy and ready for future workload. 

I am a firm believer in a balanced diet of protein, vegetables/fruits, and carbohydrates.  No low-carb or Atkins Diet in my dictionary.  Balance is key. The foods are present on earth for a reason – to feed our body and mind.  Although I’ve abstained from meat, my mom is still an omnivore, so besides her occasional vegetarian meals, fish is also her main source of protein. 

The other night, I pan seared a filet of tilapia with some sauteed baby bok choy.  Not in the photo, a bowl of rice along with a sweet ending of a plate of sliced persimmons (they are in seasons now!)  My mom stepped in the front door at 8:30pm and left the dinner table with a full and satisfied tummy by 9:30pm.  All my efforts paid off. 🙂


  1. I agree with your statement about the unhealthy feeling after a long work day staring at a computer screen. I will confess, I did not like my job. When I was laid off, it was shocking at first, but then I was just relieved. I don’t miss it.

    The bok choy looks wonderful. I have never cooked it, but I have had it before! Now I want to cook with it, thanks for inspiring me!

  2. This looks so, so delicious! I agree in that good nutrition is a key to good health. 🙂

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