Posted by: gargupie | October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween~

There is really nothing spooky about this ‘brownie cookie’.  I decided to make one GIANT cookie instead of the miniature form because initially, I wanted to paint a spider web on top; unfortunately, the usage of soymilk as frosting did not create creamy whiteness.  So, I revered to a dusting of powdered sugar for color contrast.  I brought it to my co-workers and they enjoyed the liberty to cut whatever size they wished. 

Halloween is synonymous to sugar indulgence.  Do you have a favorite candy?  When I used to trick-or-treat (n years ago, haha), my favorite were Twix and Nerds.  Sweet tarts were fun too because I could sneak them into my mouth during class. 🙂

Currently, no trick-or-treaters visited my home yet.  I felt in recently years, fewer children are embarking on this annual sugar hunt.  Perhaps the tradition of asking for candies has become ‘outdated’ for the XBox generation or parents fear for their children’s safety on the street.

In either case, have a safe and fun Halloween. Tomorrow morning, surely there would be tons of individualized candy wrappers lying around the streets.



  1. Happy Halloween! This looks devilishly delicious!!

    • Thanks Yoshi! I’ve so much candies left! No kids this year…:(

  2. Happy Halloween! Your brownie cookie was delicious. We didn’t have many kids this year, either. My sister said the same thing. Maybe because it fell on a Sunday?!?

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