Posted by: gargupie | October 26, 2010

Roasted Potatoes

Potatoes, po-tah-toes.

However you pronounce the word, they often got bad reps for causing weight gain. But studies have shown they contain resistant starch, which is the third type of dietary fiber. 

Potatoes do not cause the scale to go up, but the method of cooking (French fries anyone?) and the quantity, of course.

For an easy dinner after a busy day, the last thing I want is to slave over the stuff.  But I do not want to resort to a sandwich (bread for lunch and dinner? I need varieties…) I bought some fingerling potatoes from the greenmarket and all I need what cut them up into smaller pieces for greater surface area (hence, faster cooking), toss in some olive oil, salt and pepper and any spices/herbs to your imagination.  Bake at 425 degree F for about 15 minutes (do not forget to check up on them so they do not burn), and viola! Healthy, crispy potatoes that are good for you and fill you up nicely without the heavy-duty cleanup.



  1. i like to thinly slice them and just cook them in a pan with salt and pepper. i love potatoes

  2. Mmmm, I like potatoes. I have been craving baked potatoes as of late. I am going to have to make some soon! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. That’s great you used so many different kinds! 😀

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