Posted by: gargupie | October 23, 2010

Busy Moment Means Simple Meals

Alarm clock.  Work. School. Sleep (short one).  REPEAT.

While I still take a little break during the weekend (though mostly to run errands), the weekdays are crazy moments for me. But after learning my lesson when I was abroad in Japan (yielding a lot of health issues), I refuse to feed myself anymore crappy foods (aka sugary, over-processed, and assembly-line produced products) anymore. It took me at least 2 years to stabilize my health again, so I am very careful with what I put inside my body.

Despite all the craziness, one can still cook homemade meals.  You just need to do the bulk of your supermarket shopping once and twice a week and store all the produces in the fridge. No excuse. So even though it is a Wednesday night, I still had some Chinese okra, lotus, and mung bean sprouts in the fridge.  Going through my creative mindset, I made a quick stir-fry and created a Buddhist Delight sautee dish.

It is funny. It took like 30 minutes to prep and cook, but 10 minutes to eat.  I should prolongate my chewing to savor my hard labor…just too bad I am such a fast eater, which is not very healthy, too.



  1. That is why I like to plan my meals out ahead of time… because then I can [hopefully] get my grocery list assembled and can go to the store once for the week. I despise the grocery store, to be honest, so the less trips that I have to take, the better!

    • Oh, we’re such opposite! I love grocery shopping. My mom always complains that I overstuff the fridge. 🙂

  2. I’m a big lover of stir fries! Usually, I put everything into a pan, cover, and let it cook so I can do something else meanwhile (laundry, dish washing, reading or writing, playing the piano …). Oven roasted dishes are also great for this purpose. You just need 5 minutes to cut the veggies and stuff everything in the oven, and 20 or 30 minutes later you’ll be called to the table by the delightful scent of roasted pumpkin coming from the kitchen.

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