Posted by: gargupie | October 20, 2010

Grilled Chicken Salad – Readaptation

I have a love and hate relationship with brunch. First the positive – I love it because it is the only time I eat out and have time to meet friends or just chill with mom (yes, I do hang out with my parent).  It is so relaxing (depends where you go of course) to just chit-chat over a cup of tea and soak in the weekend freedom.  I hate it because I almost can never find anything on the brunch menu (it’s mostly egg-centric or cavity-induced pancakes or french toast) for my vegetarian lifestyle.  Even a lot of salad entree includes some sort of meat/seafood/cheese. So when I see avocado/beans/tofu available any green salad, I jump in joy!

So I was at a restaurant with mom and the only salad available was a grilled chicken salad. Sadly, no substitution was honored, so instead of opting out the protein, I decided to packed it up for my mom’s next meal. At home, I diced up the chicken, combined with some mixed vegetables, a little binding with mayo, a touch of yellow mustard, S&P and bingo! Chicken salad! Yea, killing two birds (or chicken, haha) with one stone.  You can top on a slice of toast for breakfast or lunch, mix in with some rice, or eat it like a good ol’ salad on top of some salad greens. 

I still love brunch, at least just to be with friends and family. 🙂



  1. My husband and I used to eat breakfast/brunch/whichever at First Watch when we were first dating. Very fond memories of those times. We never seem to do that any more, we have too much of a weekend routine of lounging around with our dogs!

  2. Hi! You should check out the brunch menu at Souen, which is macrobiotic and has a ton of vegetarian and vegan options. Once I ordered the mochi waffles and I didn’t really like them (too hard/dense), but I’ve enjoyed most of the other things I’ve eaten there.

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