Posted by: gargupie | October 16, 2010

Food Festival! What’s not to love?

Still holding onto the remnant of summer thoughts, I would be in denial that autumn has not arrived yet as my disheveled hair became the product of the cold winds.  Though that did not stop me (or other hungry NYers/visitors) to attend the annual Grub Street Food Festival.  Lots of food trucks, restaurants, local bakeries were stationed at a small park near Chinatown, NY.  There were so many attendees, even lining up to buy food was a struggle.  

Of course, there were those popular dishes (pull pork sandwiches or lobster rolls) that were favored and sold out very soon; but overall, I thought all the foods looked amazing (I said looked because of course my budget did not allow me to try out everything).  I could not take any photos inside because it was just too crowded, but resorted to only capture the facade of the food festival.   

I just love festivals and fairs.  These communal events really bring people out and what’s better than the allure of filling one’s appetite to draw people out of the house and chill with strangers and friends? 🙂



  1. A food festival sounds like the perfect event to me! It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, I love food!

  2. I finally visited the Hester Street Fair this past Sunday. I had no idea the place is so SMALL! Couldn’t imagine how it was during the Grub St thing. By the way, how are you feeling?

    • Yea, it was crazy busy and some foods were out by 1pm!

      Thanks for asking. The bruises still hurt a bit, but will take time…

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