Posted by: gargupie | September 11, 2010


Can’t believe it has been 9 years…

9 years ago, I was on college campus. Thought what I saw on TV was a movie scene, but no.

9 years ago, my best friend visited me for a week.  We played tennis.  We cooked together. Then, we watched TV and we saw combustion. Fire. Death. Tears.

9 years ago, I was still naive. I didn’t know how to react. Cry? Sure. But action? Not so.

So today, I took action. I volunteered. With other organizations, we created care packages for oversea soldiers.  We wrote care cards to put inside the packages. We painted ‘peace’ murals at a local public elementary school. 

Today, I did not witness any hatred. I experience community, teamwork, and a healing process. 

9 years. The memories might still be vivid and present, but we learn, yes, we must learn to cope and learn from the past.

Love. Not War.


  1. I was at school, too. But I had no idea what was happening til after my morning classes, and then I went back to my apartment and turned on the TV. I was glued for the rest of the day. It’s still so surreal that it happened, no? Good for you for volunteering. I am sure it was a very fulfilling experience.

  2. I know, I can’t believe it’s been 9 years. I still remember what I was doing at the time also. I’m sure all the volunteering you did touched so many lives.

  3. i heart ny.

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