Posted by: gargupie | August 30, 2010

Healthful Snack

Mom and I went on an impromptu 4 day weekend trip to Tucson, AZ.  Rather than travelling up north to escape the heat, I actually adore the summery temperature.  I am like an amphibian. 🙂

The hotness does take a toll of one’s appetite, but because we sweated a lot from all the walking (visited University of Arizona.  A really nice campus!), we craved for something juicy and healthy at the end of the day. That was when fruits came in.  After a Mexican dinner at El Charro Cafe, the oldest family-owned Mexican restaurant in the US, we went back to our temporary home and enjoy a juicy barlett pear.  I was being silly and decorated the sections with some dried raisins.  Paired the fruits with a cup of green tea in an air-conditioned room, with our sore feet rested on a comfy stoll, now that’s vacation.


  1. That Mexican restaurant sounds great! The pear looks cute with the raisins — delicious too!

  2. I am impressed you like the hot temperatures. Here in the Midwest, we reach a point in July and August where the heat is just hard to bear. Usually we long to escape the heat. 😉

  3. FYI, Tucson is spelled wrong, the Mexican restaurant is El Charro Cafe, and the University of Arizona is in Tucson, ASU is in Tempe (Phoenix).

    Glad you enjoyed your trip.

    • Thanks for your corrections. 🙂

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