Posted by: gargupie | August 17, 2010

Tofu Lettuce Rolls

Mom bought a head of lettuce because it was on sale.  Although it is not my favorite vegetables (I prefer dark greens, which are more nutritious anyway), I must applaud its versatility.  Lettuce can be presented as a salad (the most common usage), sautéed, shredded and served as another dish’s bedding and of course, a wrap.  While I am not aiming for a low-carb dish, I had this sudden urge to use the lettuce leaves to ‘wrap’ something.  Then, I was at the Asian supermarket and spotted some firm tofu. So hey, why not a tofu lettuce wrap? It’s healthy, easy to make (also easy to fall apart too….at last…), and quite fun actually.

I served the lettuce rolls with some peanut sauce. A lite, summery meal that will not weigh you down.


  1. This is interesting. I have had lettuce rolls with chicken, but never tofu. I’d be curious to taste the difference.

    • it’s a great vegetarian option. Give it a go!

  2. The wrap sounds delicious, especially with the peanut sauce! I bet the tofu was the perfect filling!

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