Posted by: gargupie | August 10, 2010

Heirloom Tomatoes

To-‘may’-to, to-‘ma’-to, how do you pronounce this word? No matter. When summer rolls around, my favorite item to get from the farmer’s market is the heirloom tomatoes. While it is much more expensive than the conventional kind, you can totally taste the difference.  Heirloom tomatoes are juicy, sweet, and just plain nature’s candy.  Yes. Tomatoes are fruits because fruits have seeds. Do not make this mistake again. 

How do you like to use tomatoes? I keep it really basic by simply dicing them up  along with cubed cucumbers and dress up this salad with good extra virgin olive oil and season with a dash of salt and black pepper.  I throw in some chopped parsley if I have some on hand as well.  Nothing complicated, yet so delicious and indulgent.


  1. Great minds think alike, right? I love tomatoes too! 😉

  2. I’ve just recently discovered heirloom tomatoes myself. They’re great! Sometimes I like to snack on tomatoes as simply as slicing them up and sprinkling some salt on them… or making them with a little mozzarella if I have some on hand and some balsamic vinegar. So simple yet delicious!

    • That’s a great Italian appetizer! Tomato and mozzarella are a match made in heaven.

  3. Kim, Regarding your question on the sugar — the point is to keep it in a cool, dark place (like a pantry), where you would keep other kitchen staples to best preserve them.

  4. I love heirloom tomatoes but you are right about them being expensive! Still sometimes they are totally worth it, especially when in season.

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