Posted by: gargupie | August 3, 2010


If it is a vegetable or a fruit, then you can either eat it raw or cooked, yet there are certain kinds that I preferred heated instead.  Squash is one of them.

Chayote is from the gourd family that is typical found in Mexican cuisine, especially in salads.  Actually, I have never eaten raw chayote before because I always use them all sliced up in a stir-fry. It offers a mild flavor, but when cooked up, I find them sweeter than other squash. And why? Perhaps because it is a fruit and not a vegetable.  A fruit has seed and this pear-shaped plant encased a relatively large pit, so be careful when chopping it. 

During the summer, I can buy them as cheap as 3 for $1.  That is enough to create three different dishes. Today, I have decided on sliced chayote with Japanese mushroom.  Healthful and delightful on a warm summery evening.

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