Posted by: gargupie | July 17, 2010

Meal Replacement – Green Juice

When the mercury raises, the last thing on my mind for a meal is a plate of hot food.  The heat makes me crave for something cold, cooling, yet satisfying. Thanks goodness my appetite has not been compensated! So instead of turning on the stove, I decided to use my small blender to make a green juice.  Usually, people use a juicer or a Vita-mix to make this concoction, but since I have neither, I just have to make my blender twirl a little longer to liquify the ingredients.  The result was still a bit chunky, but it was nice to get some greens into my system that will not weigh me down. But at last, I still need some carbs, so I had some whole wheat bread as well. 🙂

Green Juice

a few celery stalks

a handful of chopped broccoli

one medium size cucumber

a handful of cilantro (or use parsley if you do not like cilantro)

a piece of fresh ginger

a dash of lemon juice

Since I did not add any sweet vegetable or fruit, this drink is quite pungent and strong.  Add in some green apple, carrots, or beets if you want some sweetness for your palate.

Hope you are staying cool if you are in living in the Northern Hemisphere.


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